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I am a multi-media artist living in Barcelona.

I grew up all in the UK, the US and South America. While I still feel like I am from nowhere I also feel like I am from everywhere. I am a queer woman married to a wonderful, understanding man who is a bad-ass, professional guitarist. We live with our cat Caster (Disaster). 

Through my work I like to explore perceptions of reality, identity and sanity. My influences are diverse and include comics and medical illustrations as well as fine artists. 

I hope to develop as an artist and illustrator but in the mean time I am using all the skills I have acquired over ~13 years of teaching (with stints as a welder and a veterinary technician) to help others express themselves with confidence. Check out my coaching page if this sounds like something for you. 

For other queries or comments, feel free to contact me below. 

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