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b. 1985 Great Yarmouth, UK

Currently live and work in Barcelona


I am an emerging artist, working primarily in mixed media.. I use figurative and architectural imagery as a personal symbology.




Studied under:

Laura Anderson

Ashe Laughlin

Maria Pappalardi


Additional studies

2017 Contemporary Art, European Cultural Academy, Venice, Italy

2018 Creative Forms of Art Criticism and Writing, Node Center, Berlin, Germany

2018 Feminist Art and Exhibition Node Center, Berlin, Germany




2017    Group Exhibition, Boca Nord, Barcelona



Works held in private collections in the United States, Canada, England, Spain and Malaysia.


I grew up all in the UK, the US and South America. I feel like I am from nowhere and everywhere. I am a queer woman married to a wonderful, man . We live with our cat Caster (Disaster). 

Through my work I like to explore perceptions of reality, identity and sanity. My influences are diverse and include comics and medical illustrations as well as fine artists.