December 1-3 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, I have been reflecting back over the previous chapters of my life. I felt distracted yesterday so I spent maybe 3 hours organizing my Google Drive. While it is an endless task, I have made some significant progress with my reference library. I even made slideshows of images for specific purposes like figure drawing. 

Looking ahead to this last month in 2017, I am experiencing a mix of emotions as it will be my last month at my full-time, big girl job. While I have my anxiety and fears, I sometimes have the most beautiful moments of pure joy. 

Taking control of my life and taking ownership of my dreams is already one of the best things that I have ever done. As I move forward, I hope to keep track of my progress through simple posts that document the work I am doing outside of Instagram posts. 

What I have watched

The hosts my new favorite true crime podcast, My Favorite Murder recommended Mindhunter on Netflix so I gave it a second opportunity. It is okay. We finished the first season. 

I watched The Good Place last weekend. I found it satisfying. Kind of like Groundhog Day. 

Art and Comic Book Art is an interesting lecture on the value of comic art by Arlen Schumer who makes a case for comic artists to be considered on the same level as fine artists. I love comics but was never into superhero comics. Schumer shows artists like Jake Kirby's multidisciplinary influences. For example, texture taken from photographs of space. 

How to Find Your Comic Book Style Pt 1 and 2 were the videos that inspired me to organize my reference library. I am still learning how to think more critically about art so that I can use my observations and this video gave some good advice. He gave some good book references. He also discussed finding drawing shortcuts, a revolutionary idea for me. It would be easier if I could be more systematic about my drawing when setting in figures.  He showed how great comic art is as drawing references because you can see the same face from different angles. He also talks about thinking consciously about works in an artist's work and what doesn't. He recommends finding what doesn't work in artist's work and actively finding an artist that does it better. 

I am currently watching Drawing the Head s 3 hour drawing course. It starts with the basics and also identifies 3 possible basic forms that you can use as shortcuts when drawing the head. He discusses the pros and cons with each. 

What I have read

I am still working though Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain as well as Ink Drawing Techniques by Henry C. Pitz.

I went to comic book club last week and have already read Tintin in the Congo. I have quite a few more to read this month which should keep me busy. I am also reading a book of short stories by Margaret Atwood but I can't find what the title story is called in English, √Črase una vez. I am trying to illustrate it but I feel limited by my skills. 

What I have listened to

I listened to the Thrive Podcast interview with Daniella Krysa which had a very interesting conversation about time managment. 

I somehow downloaded an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah's podcast. They reinforced what I had be talking to a friend about earlier in the day about recognizing how lucky we are to have the options that we have compared to our mothers and grandmothers. This interview also discussed how necessary it is to live your life for yourself. 

What I have done

L and I finally went to Montserrat. On my way there I was working on drawing repeated forms which are fascinating as a pattern building exercise but also functions as fine motor exercises. The organic forms of the mountains gave me some ideas for other repeating patterns.

What I have learned

I have realized that I feel the need for being recognized by others and derive my value from other people's opinions of me. I feel frustrated when I don't feel like people care about me. For example, I am leaving my job after 4 years or so and I have seen that when people who have been there less time have left and they have received a nice send-off. This bothered me because I have felt like I sacrificed so much for a company that doesn't care about me. 

I have learned that ruminating on this does not benefit me. I am wasting my brain cells thinking about this. Even if I turn it around and am grateful that I have another reason to leave it still does not serve me nor does it support my values. 

What I hope to do

I hope to do more yoga and exercise because my back is giving me a lot of trouble and making it difficult to focus in the studio. I also hope to continue to improve how effective my study and practice.