December 4-12

I didn’t intend to wait so long between posts only because I am critical of my ability to implement habits. I quit my job because I was tired of answering to somebody else so I am trying to not be my own micro-managing boss-from-hell. Ideally, I am not in conflict with myself over deadlines so I am trying to be more compassionate with myself and unsurprisingly to some, I end up getting more done. Win-Win! My productivity has included more posts on Instagram. I have not kept the best notes about my activity this week but you will get the idea.

What I have watched

I watched a few videos on creating a content plan social media. This is just a basic outline for the types of post that you will make on specific days. Companies use plans as marketing tools. The punk rocker in me wants to say "fuck marketing" but I recognize that learning more about marketing supports my goals. It also helps me separate myself from my art a little bit and to think about my work more critically which has helped me improve quite a bit. The plan also works as mini illustration projects. 

I have also been binge-watching Doctor Who for so many days in a row while making collage that time and reality have become kind of fuzzy concepts

What I have read

I have been reading a comic called Ayako by Osamu Tezuka, a Japanese manga artist. Not only is it a fun exercise for the brain to read from right to left and from back to front, the story is great so far. His drawings of people can be a little weak in terms of the same person looking the same in every panel but I like the composition, texture, and emotion that he translates onto each page.

I also started Principios de Ilustración but haven’t gotten very far.

What I have listened to

As I have been watching so much Doctor Who, I haven’t been listening to a lot of podcasts but here are some:

  • The Voices Hiding in Your Favorite Movies by Every Little Thing
  • This Present Moment: Philosophy & Neuroscience by Stuff To Blow Your Mind
  • New Discoveries into Manga. (Guest:Åsa Ekström) by TOKYO ART BLOOM

I have been listening to music but I have been having some anxiety which makes it difficult to concentrate. 

What I have done

I have been making a lot of collage and doing a lot of drawing practice. I feel like I am making progress.

I actually uploaded an entry for Illustration Friday which was very difficult for me. I don't have any expectation to win anything but I still have a little attack of shame and self-criticism. These are the fears that have held me back these last few years so I am trying to find ways to face them.

What I have learned

Meditation works. Dancing to booty shaking music helps reduce anxiety.

What I hope to do

I want to keep up the motivation with my practice. I signed up for a gallery tour this Saturday and I hope I go because sometime being social is just too much for me.