Letter to a dear artist

Hello cariño,

I hope this letter finds you well. As you know, I can’t help worrying about you, regardless, of how much faith I have in your ability to always land on your feet. Kitty Caster,  who DOESN’T always land on his feet, is telling me how much he would appreciate it if I respected a reasonable bedtime. But like you have told me, being sensible and reasonable didn’t always work for me so, here we are.

I suppose that I should tell you what has been happening lately. I will put some of the things that I want to tell you about in a list. You can always ask for more details on things that I don’t explain here but, most should be pretty self explanatory.

Things I have thought about recently:

  1. I want to get my septum pierced. Yes, I know that people will say that I am “too old” to be getting new facial piercings.  I also know that bulls have their noses pierced but, that brings me to my second point…

  2. The idea for my finger tattoos has come to me as clear as a bell. I will need to draw some reference pictures. I am very excited.

  3. It seems like some funding for this soul-seeking sabbatical seems to be on the horizon. Please knock on every piece of wood near you because, while not prone to being superstitious, I am jinx averse.

  4. Just my general feeling of being overwhelmed with choice continues to overcome me.But, the most important thing is that I actually left the house today. I met a friend. I had a glass of wine and I put my toes in the rain. The walk home was so nice The breeze was cool and my sleeveless dress was just enough clothes. The 20 minute walk from Benita's house smelled like pine. The moon had not a cloud to hide it tonight, unlike last night.

If I haven’t told you before, thank you for all of the advice and support. Just knowing that you are there makes my daily stressors seem minimal and overcomable. When I don’t believe in myself, I believe in you.

With all the love imaginable,